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About us

t         Closed Joint - Stock Company "Ugna" is certified architectural design firm. The company granted the right to carry out the static part of the design work. Building Category: special structures. Groups of buildings: residential buildings, non residential buildings. The design works: the site clean-up (plot plan), architecture and construction.

t         The company provides architectural planning of general services of various types of projects, involving detailed planning, engineering and industrial construction projects, single apartment typical home sale, single apartment and multiple apartment house design, interior design and landscape design, architectural building construction supervision and advisory services, private house construction services organization.

t         The company employed designers has the right to carry out the design work, to carry out building maintenance. Groups of buildings: residential, public, industrial, energy and other business buildings, immovable cultural heritage. To prepare projects of territorial planning, architectural, structural, plumbing and sewage disposal, heat and hot water production and supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical, lightning protection.